The photographer and artist Sanja Matoničkin (1971) is fascinated by the inner unprocessed darkness. She often works with subjects and issues related to mental illness, fear, loneliness and isolation. Her work circles primary around questions such as; How can we defy our fears and phobias? How to continue when we hit the rock bottom? Can we find comfort in the darkness, find the restfulness inside of it?

Through the camera-lens, she explores in an ongoing project the light and dark parallels. The lifelong focus over all, not just in photography but in general, is to conquer both extremes, getting closer to finding an inner peaceful place. This makes the camera a problem solver, photography becomes a valve.

She is highly inspired by music, paintings and the world of dreams and she often works with staged images, slow shutter speeds and planned blur. At the same time, the strong need of being grounded at times, gets her into the documentary fields. In that state, she can highlight places and environments, making them visible from her personal perspective.

Sanja has roots in Croatia but is born and lives in Sweden. She has studied experimental photography at Munka Ljungby Folkhögskola. She regularly participates in national and international workshops to broaden the scope of her image vision.


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